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Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Blog, Business |

4 Service Offerings Every Crematorium Owner Should Make Available To Their Customers

When you are in the business of offering a service that most people will have to seek out at some point in their lives, such as the case with funeral and cremation-relative industries, you may think that variation of service offerings is not as important as it would be with other businesses. However, even in cremation services, keeping potential clients coming your way is the key to your overall success. Here are four service offerings you should make sure that you make available to the customers that come to you for your cremation services.

1. Specialized Cremains Handling – Occasionally, you will have customers that have specific requests when it comes to how the cremains are handled. For example, you may have someone who needs the remains shipped to a different location or you may have someone who would prefer that they never even have to handle the remains at all. In these situations, it is helpful if you can make arrangements on a customer’s behalf or offer extended services. Make sure you keep service options flexible so you can better cater to a wider range of individuals.

2. Crematorium Viewing – If your crematorium does not offer a viewing service for the actual cremation process, this is a change that you might want to consider. There are clients which will prefer to be present when the actual cremation takes place. Even a small room with a viewing window and a little space for seating will suffice and may attract more clients to your business.

3. Flexible Urn Options and Availability – Forget the run-of-the-mill urns that you usually order from just one supplier. Make sure that every customer that comes to your crematorium can find an urn that is perfectly suited to their wants. Order from many different suppliers and even work with local artisans to create individual pieces that are designed to a customer’s specifications.

4. Unique Cremation Options – With so many modern ideas available for cremains transformation, you are bound to have more than a few customers ask about something that is a bit out of the ordinary. Transforming cremains into gemstones or simulated diamonds, creating a work of art with cremated ashes, and even cremation fireworks are perfect examples. You may not be able to perform these services on site, but what you can do is make sure that you have business contacts who can. When your customers want something unique, at the very least you can offer them information.

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