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Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Blog, Business |

Small Electronic Storage Tips

Whether it’s a camera, a game system, or an old VCR, making sure your small electronics are stored properly is a must. This is especially true if you will be storing them in a , where it may not be convenient to check on their condition regularly. The following tips will help you create a safe storage plan for these items.

Tip #1: Choose Climate Control

A climate-controlled unit is your best option if you will be storing any small electronics. Extreme heat or cold can damage the electrical components or cause the chips inside the electronics to warp and malfunction. Climate-controlled units don’t just keep a steady moderate temperature, they also control humidity levels, so you don’t have to worry as much about moisture damage.

Tip #2: Prep the Electronics

Once you have your unit, it’s time to pack up your small electronics. Begin by removing any batteries from the electronics. For items with permanent batteries, such as a cell phone, remove the battery if possible, but keep it packed with the phone. Then, gather up any cords, controllers, or other pieces or peripherals that go with the electronic. Package everything together in a plastic bag and then label the bag with the item that these peripherals go with. Finally, wipe down the item with a lint-free cloth and an electronics cleaner to remove any dirt or skin oils before storage.

Tip #3: Package Properly

Moisture will be your primary concern in storage. Even in a climate-controlled unit, moisture can sometimes be an issue, especially if there is high humidity or even a ceiling leak. To keep your small electronics safe, package them inside a plastic storage tub. Choose tubs that are large enough to hold both the main electronic item and the bag of peripherals and cords. You can further protect the items by wrapping them in bubble wrap—you don’t want them moving around in storage.

Tip #4: Keep Everything Off the Ground

Finally, make sure your tubs aren’t left sitting on the ground. Placing a plastic tub on the ground makes it more likely that something will be stacked on it, which can increase the chances of damage to delicate electronics. It can also leave the items open to moisture damage if the storage tub gets cracked and there is any moisture seepage into the unit. Instead, place the tubs on a shelf or stack them on a sturdy table. Label them well so you can easily locate your electronics when you need them.