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Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Blog, Business |

Simple Tips for Caring for Your Copy Machine

Your business’s copy machine can be one of the more important tools that your employees will need to use. Unfortunately, there are many business owners that will simply overlook the maintenance needs of these devices. When a copy machine is not properly maintained, it can be at risk of suffering a number of potentially serious problems. To help you keep your working efficiently, you may want to keep these simple care tips in mind.

Keep the Copier’s Exterior Clean

One of the more effective steps that you can take to keep your copy machine safe from problems will be to regularly clean its exterior. When you clean the exterior, you will remove dust and dirt that could have otherwise worked its way into the copier’s interior. To avoid this problem, you should wipe down the exterior of the copier with a soft cloth every week.

Clean Up Spilled Toner As Soon As Possible

When you are changing the toner cartridges, it can be easy to spill a small amount of toner on the copier. Some individuals may avoid cleaning toner that has spilled immediately around the cartridge because it will not be readily visible. However, the toner can create dust as it dries, and this dust may spread to the interior components of the copier. Due to this threat, you will want to make sure that you are cleaning these substances up as soon as possible. Fortunately, this will be an easy task if you clean the toner before it can dry, as you will only need to wipe it away with a towel. If the toner has already dried, you may have no other choice but to scrape it away.

Properly Store Your Paper

Paper storage can play a critical role in preventing issues with the copy machine. Improperly stored paper can collect dust and moisture, which can cause serious problems for the copy machine. In order to keep your unit safe from these issues, you should make sure that your paper is stored in a dry location. It is possible to minimize dust by keeping the paper covered until you are ready to use it.

Preventing issues with your copy machine does not need to be a complicated task for you to do because it is possible to avoid many common problems by taking a few simple steps. Knowing the benefits of regularly cleaning the exterior of the copy machine, cleaning spilled toner as soon as possible, and properly storing the copy paper can help you to prevent your unit from experiencing these issues.