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About Steve Matthews

Hi, my name is Steve and I love to invest in stocks. But I wasn’t always this enthusiastic about my in-vestments. My first venture into the stock market didn’t go so well.

A few years ago, I wanted to invest some money in stocks. I made the mistake of doing it myself and lost a great deal of money. I quickly learned the hard way that I should’ve used a broker.

The stock market seems like the best option for making money. You simply choose a stock, invest in it, and you make lots of money in return. Unfortunately, if you don’t know about the market or investments, you lose your money and self-confidence.

I didn’t want to lose anything else. I chose the safest route possible and hired a broker. The broker gives me a list of companies to look over and I choose the ones I want to purchase stocks from. It’s not easy because the market is a tad bit unpredictable at times. But with my brokers help, I do alright and avoid those problems.

My blogs tell you how to find a broker for your own investment needs. It also gives you some great tips on what to do if you want to invest in a particular company. I hope this information helps you as much as it did me.